Storm Damage at Jose and Grahams

Thought the garden club members would like to see some photos of the aftermath of the storm at our place. What a difference one week from the Open Garden weekend makes.   Doesn’t seem like the same garden. Still, we are all OK and we are TOUGH !  We have already had a lot of support and offers of help at this early stage but have to wait for insurance assessors to come see us now.
Thanks everyone.  Jose and Graham.

September 2016 Meeting Guest Speaker Keith

We welcomed Keith from Diggers Club to speak about Heirloom, Hybrid and GE (genetically engineered) Seeds.

His introduction was on the early domestication of wheat dating back 10,000 years. The first farmers were from Syria and Iraq with seeds being publically owned. Much later on the French company Vilmorin became the leading seed company, their book produced in 1850 included 1600 cool weather species.

With the hybrids came the heavy use of chemicals, fertilizers and sprays resulting in much of the biodiversity being destroyed. A foundation of seed savers was established with many seeds being rescued.

Keith spoke at length about the leading chemical and pesticide companies – Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta and the damage to the environment resulting from the use of their products.

In 1983 Clive Blazey purchased Heronswood to continue his quest of preserving heritage and heirloom seeds. This property is now on National Estate Register.

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