April Meeting Info

A reminder that the next Club Meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday April 11, this being one week earlier than normal due to the Easter Holiday period.

The main part of the meeting will be the Autumn Flower Show.  All members are invited to take part and I have attached a list of 17 categories that you can enter.

The speaker for the night is Annette Davis  on the subject of Peonies.  Annette will have plants for sale.  This talk will take place while the show is being judged.

The member’s Draw has jackpotted to $100 but you need to be there to win.


1. One exhibition bloom, truss or spike

2. One container of cut Flowers any number of stems, all of one type.

3. One container of flowers from tree, shrub or creeper all of one type – any number of stem, colour variation allowed

4. One container of mixed flowers, any number of stems

5. One container of dahlias, any number of stems, variety and colour variation allowed

6. One container of roses, any number of stems, variety and colour variation allowed

7. One rose

8. One container of autumn foliage any number of stems maximum size 75cm in any direction.

9. One container of fuchsia, any number of stems

10. One Fern, maximum bench space allowed 50cm x 50cm

11. One pot plant (no ferns)

12. One floral arrangement using fresh Flowers (Can be wired and use accessories – Floral Art).

13. Collection of succulents and/or cacti – at least three varieties or types. Maximum container size 50cm x 50cm

14. Floral design in a saucer

15. Bits & pieces in a coffee mug

16. Exhibit of Produce, one type, single or multiple pieces.  Maximum bench space allowed 50cm x 50cm.

17. Collection of produce using fruit, vegetables and/or nuts –at least three different types of produce. Maximum bench space allowed 75cm x 75cm.

If you’re interested in becoming a member,why not be introduced to what happens at the club meeting on Monday night. Come along to the Golf Club at 7:30pm.

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