First Club Meeting this year

Hello Members and prospective Members

Yes we are going to give it a try.

Club Meeting

Next Monday February 21 it is planned to hold as near a normal Club Meeting as possible given the restrictions still applicable.

All who attend must be fully vaccinated and will be required to QR and sign in.

You will be required to sit at tables without a mask as long as you have a drink or food at the table.  Tea and biscuits will be ready for you when you arrive.

Meeting to start at 7:30PM at the Warburton Golf Course.  The guest speaker will be talking about the value of bees in the garden.

There is to be no trading table or popular vote.  A free raffle will be held.

Anyone who has not paid their membership and wishes to do so on the night we would ask you to put the money in an envelope with your name/s on the outside.  The alternative method and the preferred is to transfer the money to the Club’s account: Account No. 110627833, BSB: 633000.

Garden Walk

Instead of all going to someone’s garden under the current restrictions and to be fair to the garden owners we are proposing that, on Monday February 28 at 5:00PM we gather at the BBQ area beside the river just next the Warburton Bowling Club and Warburton Oval.  

There are electric BBQs seats and cover. You need to bring your own chairs, food and drink.

Call it a river walk rather than a garden walk.  Out of doors in a public area so no masks required.


Kevin ☺

Award to Apprentice

At the December Christmas Party, we were privileged to get to know Josh Paynter. A nineteen year old, Josh lives in Lilydale and works at Country Gardeners Nursery in Woori Yallock. The club has awarded Josh with a scholarship towards his Horticultural Studies at the Box Hill Institute, Lilydale Campus. This is an amount of $1300.  Josh has an aspiration of becoming involved in turf management. We wish him well with both his studies and his chosen career.

Meeting 15 July 2019 Announcement

Speaker at this month’s meeting.

One of our members, Pat O’Shaughnessy, will be talking on eucalypts as well as about the history of the redwood plantation in East Warburton. Have you been there and wondered “how come this is here?” Pat will let you know.


Come to the Warburton Golf Club this Monday evening at 7:30pm. If you’re not a member, you are welcome to attend. You just may want to join this active club that is in your local area. Just $10 annual fee.

See you there.

Club Meeting Announcement for Monday June 17, 2019

Hello Members,

You are reminded that our special speaker at the June Club Meeting will be Phillip Johnson who will be giving a presentation on the winning of a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

A good attendance would be appreciated and if you know someone who may be interested you are encouraged to invite them along.

Hope to see you all at the Warburton Golf Club at 7:30PM on Monday June 17, 2019.

Regards, Kevin

Here’s a youtube video of Phillip Johnson explaining his winning display.

April 2019 Meeting – Notice

The April Meeting is the Autumn Flower Show and will be judged by the popular/red dot method. If you have never been, do come and enjoy being part of the fun of being a judge.

You are all encouraged to participate and, for those who do, please remember to bring your exhibit/s to the back door (Pro Shop entry). Visitors are most welcome to come and by the end of the night, you may want to become a member yourself.

Elsegoods during the cleanup

“I thought club members would be interested to see some photos of the big clean up that has been happening here since the storm; and our “transformed” garden. The front is finally looking like we are getting somewhere. There will be lots of replanting out the front this coming winter.” (Jose Elsegood)
It appears that the hard working man is at it, still. Congratulations on the determination of getting your wonderful property restored to its rightful state.
Jose Elsegood

October 2016 Meeting – Special Awards


An unexpected visit from Don Rickerby, President of the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria, Jennifer Rickerby, Secretary of RHSV and Paul Crowe former Principal of the State Schools Nursery, patron of the Kevin Heinz Foundation and active in the Nurseryman’s Association, surprised Kevin and upset the agenda planned for the evening.

This visit was for the presentations of the John Pascoe Fawkner Award to Bob Shelden and Kevin Hince for their outstanding service to horticulture, community activities and their service to the Upper Yarra Valley Garden Club over many years. These awards have been almost a year in the planning and have been organised with the utmost secrecy much to the surprise of the recipients. Thanks to Shirley, Jenny, Joy, Janet and Ros.

Graham – the gardener

I don’t know what Bob and Trevor looked like when they had finished burning off at
Bob and Cathy’s place today – but this is hoGraham the gardenerw Graham came home.  Just look at where
his sox and boots finished!   Boys do have fun getting dirty, don’t they???
Supplied by Jose –

Open Garden Show – October 1 and 2

We are pleased to announce our annual Open Garden Show is on, the first weekend of October. Come visit 5 of our members’ gardens and maybe purchase plants for your garden or enjoy a quick BBQ on your visits.

What’s on?

I have created an additional page in the website called “What’s On?”

If you have any knowledge or information about a show relating to gardens within the Melbourne area that you think members would like to attend, please email the information (Name of show, location, dates and times, with a short sentence describing what the show is exhibiting), I will include it in this page for all members to have reference to. Great!!

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