Open Garden 2018

Sat 3rd & Sun 4th November 2018

10.00AM to Last Entry 4:30PM

Welcome to Upper Yarra Valley Garden Club’s Open Gardens 2018

Private Gardens are opened by our Members for your enjoyment. The owners make no gain from them. Funds raised are used to support the Club and donations are made to local worthy causes, particularly those related to horticulture. Gardens on show display a variety of sizes and styles, typical of the Upper Yarra.

We would like you to

• Keep to the marked, suggested paths for your safety and plant protection.

• Supervise children at all times.

• Do not take any horticultural material from the garden.

• Public toilets are marked on the map on the reverse-side. Do not ask to use the toilets in the house.

• No pets are permitted in the gardens

Please refer to Map on reverse side.


Note: There is no entry to toilets at any of the gardens.  Public Toilets are shown on the above map.


Garden 1 – 75 Heath Crescent, East Warburton Melways 291-E/6

Plant Sales

Large Garden, gentle slope with steep driveway. Parking on roads.

We would like to welcome you to our fabulous friendly Heath Crescent garden in East warburton.

The site has a gentle slope out the back, a sunny flat front lawn, dappled shade areas, fruit trees, established garden, a great verandah to enjoy the filtered mountain views and a lovely house all enticed us to purchase what is now our ‘castle’.

We are grateful for the previous gardeners who planted the older plants we appreciate today. The basic design of the garden is much the same now as it was then even though I feel like I have planted thousands of plants over those 10+ years. When we first came to see the property there was a large ornamental cherry tree behind the house in full bloom, it was love at first sight!

The garden changes with the seasons. Summer brings a kaleidoscope of every shade of green imaginable. I loose count of the birds visiting the bird baths on a summer’s day. It’s a great feeling being able to eat a plate of summer salad or vegies all from the vegie patch. Through autumn and winter families of wild deer visit nightly, as happens in many gardens in the valley, leaving a trail of destruction. The deciduous trees put on a spectacular colourful autumn display. Winter brings a powdery snow view on the mountains. Spring starts with the contrast of bright yellow daffodils with grape hyacinths and masses of hellebores. Followed by the dogwood, the ornamental pears, crab apples and many cherry trees bursting into blossom. On those days the air is filled with the hum of bees and the happy tweets of birds. The natives, proteas and leucadendrons are stunning through all the seasons.

Visitors to our garden will have the opportunity to purchase plants that have been prepared and donated by our Garden Club Members.

Garden 2 – 9 View Street, Warburton Melways 290-G/4

Large Garden with gentle side slope, entrance level. Parking on roadside and on Giffords Rd.

Welcomes you to Blue Bower on View Street

We bought this 1½ acre property in 2013 and the original gardens were neglected for a long period. Blackberries flourished and much of the gardens three levels had overgrown and were neglected. The garden had good bones, with extensive bluestone boarders and wonderful large trees and winding grass paths.

Water features include 3 interconnected lily ponds. Ponds fill from a rain tank via the over flow that also services the rose beds and greenhouse. We have added a “compass” succulent garden and in the middle of this garden is “Helen of Troy” that takes centre stage. Behind the North Point of the compass is a secret garden walk that is heavily shaded and a cool spot to duck into on hot days. A private patio up the stairs, around back of the house is the kitchen herbs garden and wood fire pizza oven.

The greenhouse was built to take advantage of the sunny location with an added challenge being the slope of the garden bed.

Along the first drive are many roses which have strong perfumes as do the climbing roses on the wood arbours. In winter the rose beds are full of hundreds of daffodils.

Other beds bloom with Camellias, Azaleas, Waratahs, Rhododendrons, Gardenia, Daphne and more. With a wide range of other flowering bulbs and tubers and vines.

Well established Corkscrew filbert trees (or also called Harry Lauders’ Walking Stick), miniature weeping Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Magnolia, Maples, White Birch, Weeping Cherry trees and MORE can also be found.

We have added the Iron gazebo setting in a prominent space to take advantage of garden and mountain views. The black and white metal glider located in the centre of the garden is an American piece from the 1950’s.

There are benches and seats around the garden for you to take advantage of and enjoy.

Cheers David & Pam

Garden 3 – 24 & 20A Old Warburton Rd, Warburton Melways 290-D/6

Sausage sizzle 11AM to 2PM

Two gardens, major garden areas flat with steep driveway.

Parking area on pipe track opposite.

Welcomes you to the Neighbours Garden

Five years ago in 2013 our garden was part of the Upper Yarra Valley Open Garden Weekend. We had only been here for four years and as such the garden was relatively new, so for those of you who visited then you may notice a few changes.

The front garden consists of old camellias and azaleas set amongst a cottage garden which then leads down to a small private area, hedged with English Box dominated by the birdbath that attracts many varieties of birdlife. These can be viewed from the verandah.  Walk back up the driveway, and a large bed of Lily of the Valley is nestled under the large rhododendrons at the side of the house together with ferns and hanging baskets, including rhipsalis or mistletoe cacti.

A paved courtyard has been sliced into the hill is one of our favourite spots to entertain or to just sit in the sun. This is reached by a forest walk down a windy path with a hedging of Blue Berry Ash on your left which has made this area private.

Back up the stairs and entering the rear garden, which was non-existent 8 years ago, lavenders, salvias, penstemons, roses, rosemary, English box and anything that can stand the very hot dry summers and freezing cold winters is in this area. These have come from cuttings.  Also our fruit trees have just started producing – apples, lemon, lime and tangelo. The very large tree here is an avocado which doesn’t do at all well because of the very strong winds that blow most of the flowers off. On the right side is our chook shed with five girls who have been with us for quite a few years! Up the steps and off to the right is our vegie patch which is covered in netting so we can have some veggies and a composting area which is vital in a large garden. On the left is our library which is surrounded by a lily pilly hedge where one can hide from the world or read the papers in peace.

Passing under the bay trees and through the “Harry Potter Gate” is an avenue of lilacs which leads to the scarlet oak under-planted with hellebores which leads to Jenny’s Walk which is lined by ornamental pear trees, then onto another oak, name unknown. Across the back fence are elders and natives including red, white and yellow waratahs which are also on the northern boundary which hides our neighbours house.

Our neighbours Jan and Kevin at 20A are also opening their garden and it is accessed by passing the vegie patch and through the gate with the flags.

Metal Artwork is by local artist Cliff Sampson.

Sausage Sizzle and Coffee are available.

Anne & Roger Herrod

Also, Welcome to 20A Old Warburton Road

At first glance as you enter through the side gate from No. 24 that this is a very new garden, and you would be right.  The Black Box House was only 2 years old when we bought it in 2016 and apart from 3 Lipstick Maples, a Weeping Flowering Cherry, a very large Oak, front and rear Pittosporum hedges and an assortment of odd plantings the rest of the garden has developed virtually from scratch.

Most of the plantings under the Oak are shade lovers such as Heuchera, hellebore, hydrangea, daphne, clivia and azaleas.  The trees planted in the lawn area as you enter are an eclectic mix of our favorites and there is a lot of growing to be done by them.

Garden 4 – 19 Marlino Avenue, Warburton Melways 290-A/3

Medium steep sloping new garden.

Parking on roadside.

We are 3 years into the journey with our garden.  The 1100m2 block is narrow – only 19 metres wide with a steady gradient of 1 in 5. This has created challenges in both terms of design and access.

The front garden was created using excess soil from the house site to form contoured garden beds and two large ponds.  The back garden is much more structured.  With the guidance of a master plan we used treated pine retaining walls to turn this into 3 tiers of garden beds.  Other retaining walls including ‘gabion’ walls were constructed to terrace the garden and make it more accessible.

Plantings in the garden are diverse.  We like too many plants to exclude them!  Plants around the ponds at the front are mainly native to create a more natural looking setting.  On the other side of the driveway we have planted maples, magnolias and camelias with an under-planting of azaleas to create a colourful vista from our living room window.

One of the surprise highlights of the garden is how beautiful it looks from inside the house. There is colour in every season and we love watching the antics of ducks and various birdlife and listening to the pond frogs at night.

Garden 5 – 12 Valley View Court, Yarra Junction Melways 288-G/9

Small garden, refreshments and plants for sale.  Money raised goes to charities.  No charge for admission. Parking on roadside.

“Clapham Cottage”

Named in memory of a very dear grandmother, Mary Anne Clapham

Block bought early in 2011.  There was a delay as a Blackwood tree in the centre of the block had to be removed and took some time to get a permit for that, which, knowing the local shire, took some time. Our home was built by Erich Csenar.  We designed the place as we wanted it, although there was a slight upset when Dina wanted a walk in pantry for the jams and preserves instead of a nice place to sit and look at the scenery! We moved in at the end of June 2011.

Len had a large amount of mulch at Warburton at our previous home, which, because of the wet ground, could not be removed by truck or front end loader, so Len did it in the old Ute we had, doing it with a shovel and wheelbarrow.  It took 12 Ute loads to get it all. This was all worked into the back yard with the rotary hoe Len borrowed from his brother Jack. Grandson Lachlan helped in working up the hard clay ground.  Also 5 meters of top soil was ordered for the front garden.  This was paid for by Mr Csenar as a large amount of top soil was removed when the building started.

Len spent much time in planting and designing the garden, making brick paths, rock edges and so forth, and the garden soon took shape with bush, standard and climbing roses, irises and fuchsias and other bits and pieces kindly given by friends.   Vegetables are grown mainly in the back garden.

Of course no man can cope without a shed, so a shed was purchased for wheelbarrow, shredder, and fertilizer. The larger water tank is a boon for the garden.  The flagpole was taken from the Warburton home as the people there had no use for it.

At the front of the garden you will see ornamental Kale, filling the space where the fire brigade have their fittings.  Len tied the climbers horizontally as they tend to flower much better and get more flowers. Along the side of the house Len has grown succulents and as you walk down the path to the back of the shed, note the toilet, then the hanging baskets etc.  The imitation lawns under the dwarf fruit trees stops us from having to walk in the dirt to pick the (abundant?) fruit for Dina to use, bottle and share with friends and family. Also note the espaliered lemon tree.

Our helpers today are our nieces, Pam and Kay Moore and our Grandson Lachlan McLean.

The proceeds of plants sold this weekend will be donated to the Upper Yarra secondary College Chaplaincy for their support. Devonshire teas to Benwerrin Women’s retreat.

Do hope you enjoy your day.

Len and Dina McLean

Garden 6 – 17 Cairncroft Avenue, Launching Place Melways 287-D/6

Large garden generally level. Parking on roadside. Book sales.

Transformed from the foliage emphasis of the previous owners and original designers, this garden is now diverse. Squashed in are vegetables, fruit, native plants for bird and skink residents, spots for special interests in roses, camellias and bulbs as well as clematis and shrubs that cannot be resisted in nurseries and catalogues. This garden requires two circuits  to see several levels and is not suitable for those with mobility issues.

If you live close by the Upper Yarra Valley Region, why not consider joining this enthusiastic club at just $10 per year. You may also like our facebook page at @upperyarravalleygardenclub