Open Garden 2019

Welcome to the Upper Yarra Valley Garden Club Open Garden for 2019. This will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of November with gardens open for viewing at 10:00am through to 4:30pm each day. The Upper Yarra is well known for the high quality private gardens of club members. We have many more that could be shown, but we try to keep the number of Open Gardens to just 5 each year. Enjoying a garden walk is something that our members do once a month amongst themselves and this weekend, 6 of those members have offered to open their gates to allow you to also enjoy their handiwork and their magical green thumbs.

Click here to download the maps to find the gardens.

Please Note: There is no entry to toilets at any of the gardens. Public Toilets are available along the Warburton Highway. No Pets allowed.

Thank you to Pam Scott, Kerry and Edwin Tanner, Virginia Heywood, Bev and Graeme Hardidge, and Jenny Gersbach for being part of our Open Garden for 2019.

Garden 1 – 50 Linwood Road, Seville   Melways 305 C/2

Large Garden, mostly level with gentle slopes to recently landscaped pond area. Roadside parking

I moved to this property nearly 16 years ago which had the remnants of a cared for garden, established roses around the drive and old camellias on the south; however there was little else. I loved the view and therefore didn’t particularly think about the aspect. However, I find facing east and having a little protection from the summer northerlies suits me very well. I like to mix natives and exotics together. My soil is a rich clay and it needs little fertilising. My preference is to use sheep and cow manure, rather than commercial mixes.

The frog pond, ornamental lake and dam in the bottom paddock, are all full of tadpoles and I’ve managed to identify three different frog calls at night.

I hope you enjoy the wonderful view over the Warburton ranges from my garden. Please introduce yourself and ask me anything, I may have an answer.




Garden 2 – 90 Falls Road, Hoddles Creek   Melways 10-R8

Large Farm Style Garden with gentle slope, entrance level. Parking on front paddock. Studio to visit.

‘Bushgum’ is a little farm and rustic garden. The property is just over six acres with bush both at the front and the rear of the property.  There are two main paddocks with the drive way running down the middle to the house and surrounding garden.  The property has been blessed with the fact that the previous owner planted many of the established plants you see in the garden, camellias, rhododendrons, Japanese maples, mollis azaleas, the big English alders down the driveway and many others.  The property is part of the ‘Yarra Ranges Ribbons of Green’ program, which provide free plants to landowners.

Our sheep are great lawn mowers and also provide us with manure for the compost and meat for our freezer and there are also Dorpers, (a bread that is self shedding).  There are many chooks, Tom turkey, two ducks, two little jap quail, a Chinese goose named Lulu.

There are various apples, pears, nashi, figs, quince, various plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines, feijoas, mandarins, ruby orange, lemons, lime, native finger lime, raspberries, thornless blackberries, blueberries, tamarillo, kiwi fruit, currents and more.

We hope you enjoy your experience here at ‘Bushgum’ as you wander around at your leisure or just sit for a while and enjoy the gardens many vistas and sounds.



Garden 3 – 150 Summerhill Road, Yarra Junction   Melways 288-G12

Plant Sales. Large Garden with gentle slopes. Parking along entrance driveway.

The extensive, landscaped gardens at Summerhill now cover 3.0 hectares (or 7.5 acres) of the 31.4 hectare (or 78 acre) property with a diverse variety of flowering plants. Over the last 15 years, the gardens have evolved based on three principles: design to compliment the rustic country retreat, idyllic year round colourful rural garden and a productive and safe environment. The gardens are:

House Garden – A hectare of landscaped gardens, featuring dry stone walls and roses;

Potager Garden and Fruit Groves – Productive French kitchen garden complimented by an array of fruit trees; and

Maple Field – Two hectares of trees, including many maples, garden, firepit and lawn overlooking a dam with a jetty.



Garden 4 – 19 Clarke Avenue, Warburton   Melways 290-D6

Sausage Sizzle 11AM to 2PM. Cottage Style Garden level with easy access. Easy Roadside parking. Opposite Garden 5

“Entering Jenny’s garden is like walking into a magical forest, children and
adults alike are surprised by what’s here! This is an old established garden
which has been in the family for many years. It is a traditional hills
garden with many fine examples of azaleas, camellias, maples and yew.”


Garden 5 – 24 Clarke Avenue, Warburton   Melways 290-D6

Medium size garden, relatively level front garden with gallery/stairs leading down into rear creek bed.

“Some of the features in the upper part of the garden along Clarke Avenue include:

  • A fire bunker covered by a mound planted with creeping grevillea and native grasses
  • The renovated cow milking shed,
  • A communal ‘fire circle’, with a large cypress log and rocks for seating
  • Meandering paths and park-bench seats

The property extends across a small creek to Leila Road at the top of the hill. Down the steep slope behind the house is a pretty ferny gully, which has been made accessible through the construction of an elevated boardwalk made of ‘Envirowalk’ open-mesh grating.”