Spring Flower Show

The Spring Flower Show is to be held at the October Club Meeting.


The attached is the Exhibit Schedule together with some notes on staging your exhibits.

This will show will be judged on the popular vote basis, i.e. no formal judge.


2016 Spring Flower Show Judging Categories

1. One exhibition bloom, truss or spike. Sheila Denford David Borton
2. One rose. Len McLean Shirley Lahtinen
3. One container of cut flowers any number of stems, all of one type. Anne Herrod Jenny Gersbach
4. One container of mixed flowers, any number of stems. Joy Lewellin Barbara Pharoah
5. One container of spring bulbs or corms, any number of stems. Jose Elsegood
6. One container of flowering tree, shrub or creeper, not rhododendron, azalea or native. Jose Elsegood Sheila Denford
7. One container of flowering natives either mixed or single type. Anne Herrod Sue Caesar
8. One container of azaleas. Jose Elsegood
9. One container of rhododendrons.
10. Foliage (no flowers), maximum size 75cm in any direction. Jose Elsegood Susan Hughes
11. One fern, maximum bench space 50cm x 50cm. Len McLean Len McLean
12. One container of potted plant plants, any variety (no ferns). Shirley Lahtinen Jan Hince
13. Collection of succulents and/or cacti at least three varieties. Len McLean Len McLean
14. One floral arrangement using fresh flowers. Denise Cosier Len McLean
15. Collection of produce using fruit, vegetables and/or nuts. Shirley Lahtinen Len McLean
16. Exhibit of produce one type, single or multiple pieces. Jose Elsegood
17. Bits and pieces in a coffee mug. Jose Elsegood Sue Caesar
18. Floral design in a saucer. Margrith Schacher Len McLean

Jose Elesgood won Overall Best Exhibitor, Len McLean came Second and Anne Herrod won Best Exhibit in Show.

Staging hints

  • When you arrive you will be given numbered cards to put with your exhibits and these are recorded against your name on a list but the stewards and others are not aware of who placed what on the bench (in theory).
  • Space in the staging area is often short so if you have some idea of what you are putting in the containers you bring, it makes it easier. Posies, saucers can be done at home.
  • Bring secateurs, jug for water and towel for sloshed water if you think you will need them.
  • UYGC does not provide the vases or containers so choose a container that displays your exhibit well. A plain jar of the right height might be better than the fancy vase. Beer bottles are good for single blooms.
  • Less is sometimes more – avoid the temptation to stuff too many stems in a vase. Pick those that are the best. Foliage is optional but once in the vase, it too must be of good quality.
  • To keep flowers at their best, pick in the morning, soak stem in a bucket as high as possible before you put them in the vase.
  • Ask for help and advice.


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