First Club Meeting this year

Hello Members and prospective Members

Yes we are going to give it a try.

Club Meeting

Next Monday February 21 it is planned to hold as near a normal Club Meeting as possible given the restrictions still applicable.

All who attend must be fully vaccinated and will be required to QR and sign in.

You will be required to sit at tables without a mask as long as you have a drink or food at the table.  Tea and biscuits will be ready for you when you arrive.

Meeting to start at 7:30PM at the Warburton Golf Course.  The guest speaker will be talking about the value of bees in the garden.

There is to be no trading table or popular vote.  A free raffle will be held.

Anyone who has not paid their membership and wishes to do so on the night we would ask you to put the money in an envelope with your name/s on the outside.  The alternative method and the preferred is to transfer the money to the Club’s account: Account No. 110627833, BSB: 633000.

Garden Walk

Instead of all going to someone’s garden under the current restrictions and to be fair to the garden owners we are proposing that, on Monday February 28 at 5:00PM we gather at the BBQ area beside the river just next the Warburton Bowling Club and Warburton Oval.  

There are electric BBQs seats and cover. You need to bring your own chairs, food and drink.

Call it a river walk rather than a garden walk.  Out of doors in a public area so no masks required.


Kevin ☺

February 2016 Meeting


Violeta Zalac – Succulents

Violeta placed on exhibition an extensive variety of cacti and succulents as part of her vast personal collection. The various types of plants were described in detail with the aid of a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation.

Violeta advised that these types of plants were easy to propagate and the main methods are listed: Bulbis, Offsets, Division, Head Cutting, Leaf Propagation, Apical Core Drilling, Seed Raising and Grafting.

Cacti and succulents can be potted using the cheapest potting mix mixed with course river sand (yellow), blood and bone and slow release fertiliser: if planted direct in the ground a little sand to loosed up the soil plus blood and bone. It was warned not to over water plants and don’t kill them with kindness.

Violeta also had a range of cuttings for sale.

The President thanked Violeta for her excellent and informative presentation. These thanks were carried with acclamation by the members.


Bob Shelden provided a demonstration on potting up techniques for a variety of common firm wood plants. These can be done now, deciduous plants are to be propagated mid-winter and most would not be ready until October next year.

Members were advised that the Club now possessed approximately 1,000 new 100mm plastic pots and there was also a plentiful supply of 140mm pots. The Club has ordered a pallet (60 bags) of premium potting mix which is to be used to propagate plants for the next open garden weekend in October. Members will be notified when the potting mix and pots are available.

Both the potting mix and pots will be stored at Bob and Kath Sheldens home in Yarra Junction.


The current membership stands at 139.

3 Applications for membership received on the night are to be considered at the next Committee Meeting.

There were 78 members present in addition to 3 prospective members and 3 visitors.

If you aren’t a financial member of our club and would like to be, please email  Membership Fees are $10 for a full year.

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