2020 Spring Flower Show

This Page is under Construction

There are 10 categories to vote on. Each club member has been allowed to enter up to 2 submissions for each category. There is a description for each category and you should vote on your interpretation of that description. There are no formal prizes other than the fun of winning. The photo remains the property of the owner and no copy is to be taken of the photos. These photos have been shown with the owners permission.

Category 1. Camellia – shown as Plant/flower/flowers/container

2. Magnolia – shown as Plant/Flower/flowers/container

Category 3 – Daffodils/Jonquils/Tulips – One type or mixed, either in ground or in a container, single or multiple flowers

Category 4. Flowering Natives – shown as Plant/flower/flowers/container, one type or mixed

Category 5 – Azaleas/Rhododendrons – Shown as Plant/flower/flowers/container, one type or mixed

Category 6. Spring blossom from any other shrub or tree not mentioned – show as Plant/flower/flowers container

Category 7 – Foliage (no flowers) – shown as Plant /container

Category 8. Potted Plant/Plants – any plant type including ferns, succulents

Category 9. Produce using any fruit, vegetables and/or nuts – may be one type, single or multiples, mixed types, in the ground, harvested.

Category 10. Plant of interest not mentioned in other categories – show as Plant/flower/flowers/container